How to use coupon to buy S17 & S15 mining contracts?




  • Rabiesdogmailcom

    hashrates of s15 is out of stock.
    I have coupens now what i can do

  • Ying

    Hi fernandohabert, thank you for your comment. We will replenish the stocks soon. Please check for the restock. Alternatively, we are allowing customers use their coupons to buy S17 starting from tonight. 

  • jotabsousa

    I have 6 cumpons, available, but on the payment screen is balance zeroed, so I can not change them by force of mining.
    What can I do?

  • Ying

    Hello jotabsousa, thanks so much for commenting! Can you please submit a support request to us above so that we can further assist you?

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