Announcement #97 Relocation of Mining Farm in July




  • BrunoS

    An interim report would be very helpful. you don't know what's going on. my Z11 have been running for 1 week, only 20% of the actual performance.

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    Hello there

    Please return my money, I have about 3000$ hashes and coins on this site in my wallet, where is this ? why my wallet zero now ?

    I'm a member two or three years ago, I had many hashes generating BTC I bought them from your market on this website. Your site was suffering from some troubles last year but now it seems working. Unfortunately I can't see my balance or hashes or anything?! Where is my balance ? my hashes ? where?
    Please review my account and return my balance because it was more than three thousand dollar in total.
    Thank you    
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  • Cissy

    Please send a support email to us, our support team will help you.

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